Snoozing Suzy and the Stew / by Michael Dustin Youree

Suzy was busy dreaming of stews

The morning was calling but again she hit snooze

Sleepyhead Suzy loved lambshank and broth

But every eight minutes her alarm it went off


Slowly and lazily she sat up in bed

Into her computer her password typed in

“Hoopsiefloopsie” was her secret code

The alarm stopped its howling and finally she rose


Into the kitchen ‘twas coffee she craved

She needed espresso to waken the day

The machine it roared its mechanical growl

Her black and white kitty meowed on the prowl


The milk it steamed, the coffee it dripped

Puss was feed as her latte she sipped

Two spoonfuls of sugar to Suzy’s delight

Her eyes now wide open, her spirit bright


Still something had slipped Suzy’s mind that day

The window was open while outside it rained

What fell from the sky was no typical pour

It soaked her apartment with something much more


A magical storm blew in from the sea

It covered the floor while she brushed her teeth

To the left and the right, above and below

Her world was changing, though she did not know


Over her toes the water it washed

When Suzy looked down she was totally shocked

The water it rose with incredible speed

Before she could blink it was up to her knees


And so startled Suzy to the window ran

By the time she arrived it was up to her chin

It was then Suzy noticed the strangest thing

The cause of the flood was her house was shrinking


Now Suzy swam in an ocean of rain

Her coffee and kitty small just the same

Her table and chairs, her pots and pans too

All tiny like Suzy, bobbing ‘bout the room


But what stayed the same size was peculiar for sure

It was all the fresh food from her vegetable drawer

Giant onions, potatoes, spices and herbs

Now spun around Suzy as the water is stirred


Then the thought struck as pepper passed by

It all added up to a stew she could try

Indeed she was hungry and this her prime dish

So miniature Suzy let the slurping commence


Though the portion was massive to her tiny tummy

Anything’s possible and the taste was quite yummy

Ate and she ate ‘til she felt like exploding

All of the while she was growing and growing


And so stuffed Suzy returned to right size

The rain was now over, the sun filled her eyes

Though she was drenched, her whole house a mess

Suzy felt cozy cuddling Puss with a kiss


As she started to doze distant sounds she could hear

Louder and louder the song it drew near

Then it hit, a howl so familiar

Eight minutes were up, her slumber now over